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Engineering Design & Analysis, Ltd.

. . . .  is a specialty engineering consultancy providing analytical, project engineering, project management and heavy lift engineering services to the refining, petrochemical, oil sands, heavy oil, pipeline and power generation industries.

        Our experience and reputation is built on providing quick-turnaround & timely, cost-effective, reliable solutions and non-acadmic treatment for FFS projects directly to facility Owners, manufacturers & EPC contractors. Our analytical solutions are made to recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices.


Fitness for Service (FFS) / Asset Integrity Management

Closed form and numerical solution techniques are used to assess the structural and mechanical integrity of facility assets in a managed framework, perform fitness for service (ASME FFS - 1 / API 579) and service life assessments of deteriorated equipment from metal loss, crack-like defects, hydrogen damage, vibration-induced damage (FIV, AIV), shell distortions, creep.

Design, Rerate, Alteration & Authentication

Pressure equipment and supporting design & alteration submissions entering Canada and individual provinces typically requires authentication by a licensed professional of the importing provincial / territorial jurisdiction to satisfy local regulatory authorities in order to accept valid professional work products.

Cold Eyes / 3rd Party Review / Expert Witness

Software aided engineering and automation tools have progressed to where intelligent solutions are being delivered quickly including automated report generation. The conclusions from these "engineering reports" may be accurate, overly-conservative or severely unconservative and, consequently, require vetting. For owner-engineers and in-house subject matter experts, competent 3rd party cold-eyes review are needed to assure compliance with best-in-class operations integrity practices.

Training, Logistics & Technical Editing

We provide on-and off-site training in design, fabrication, inspection & maintenance for the construction and post-construction maintenance of static equipment & piping in various heavy industries (refineries, petro-chem, etc.). Our technical review and editing services ensure delivery of quality presentations in work product for industry publications (journals, papers, etc.).

Safety, Fitness for Service Discussions

on-site / remote training

10 - 12 June 2024
API 650 / 653 Atmospheric Tanks
Edmonton, AB Canada


30 Jun - 15 Sep 2024
Have a Happy & Safe Summer !
Edmonton, AB Canada


23 - 26 Sep 2024
API 579 / ASME FFS-1 Level 3
Gdansk, Poland


7 - 10 Oct 2024
API 579 / ASME FFS-1 Level 3
Neuchatel, Switzerland


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