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Technical Logistics Program Training for Newly Hired Staff

        This five day course is targeted for newly hired technical staff; engineering, inspection and technical management to provide an introduction and orientation to the various equipment, structures and storage facilities found in hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing industries. With reduced central staffing, companies no longer provide this essential training to new staff and defer to on-the-job practices, resulting in a much steeper and drawn out learning curve.

By providing a traditional orientation and broad based introduction to processing facilities, new staff will provide a faster return on investment and experience a safer work environment :

   · process plant essentials
   · pressure equipment
   · pressure piping
   · fired equipment
   · structures
   · storage equipment
   · auxiliaries

Course Highligts

        This course will begin with process plant essentials and take attendees through a step-by-step approach to build up their knowledge and understanding of the design, materials, fabrication, installation, monitoring and maintenance of various equipment found in the facilities.

The course will provide attendees with a "big picture" view of processing facilities and delivers an organized introduction to the major equipment and aspects of operating a process plant.

     · plant P&ID's
     · facility layout
     · equipment construction codes and standards
     · operations management of a process plant
     · plant maintenance & projects

        The course is directed to those technical personnel new to the industry who have limited knowledge of industrial processing facilities being either limited during their formal academic training (no relevant work terms), from working in other unrelated industries, are now walking into the new job "cold" or with little practical exposure.

        This course is intended for individuals who have less than five years experience and are responsible for operation, engineering, construction, inspection or maintenance of equipment in processing facilities.

Detailed Course Description

Day I

1 Overview
    · Introduction, Processing Facilities
    · Introduction, HPI, CPI, PGI
    · Introduction, P&ID's

2 Equipment, Codes & Standards
   · Pressure Vessels
   · Pressure Piping
   · Rotating Equipment
   · Fired Equipment
   · Storage Tanks
   · Structures

3 Equipment Construction
   · Design
   · Materials
   · Fabrication
   · Inspection
   · Testing

Day IV

10 Codes & Standards
    · Intro & Basis, ASME VIII Division 1
    · Intro & Basis, ASME VIII Division 2
    · Intro & Basis, ASME FFS-1 / API 579

Day II

4 Plant Layout & Safety
   · Spacing Requirements
   · Fire Fighting
   · Accessibility

5 Damage mechanisms
   · Damage mechanisms in Coke Drums
   · Fatigue Strength of Materials
   · Particularization

6 Thermo-mechanical Loading
   · Scope
   · Application to Undamaged Drum
   · Application to Damaged Drum
   · Application to Damaged Drum


7 Accounting for Bulges
    · Stress / Strain Concentration
    · Impact on Fatigue Service Life

8 Rational Fatigue Service Life Assessment
   · Design versus Service Life
   · Weld Overlay
   · Operational Opportunities
   · Optimal Service Life Practices

9 Class Challenge
    · Coke Drum & Plant Equipment Problem(s)

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Course contact and registration information can be obtained from   John Aumuller  P. Eng., Ph. D.,