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Project & Construction Management

This three (3) day / four (4) day optional course is directed to engineers, managers and, others responsible for the management of engineering and construction of projects of grassroots and brownfield projects in industrial facilities including refineries, oil sands plants, chemical processing facilities, power generation facilities, and facilities in commercial and municipal undertakings. This course emphasizes applying the practical concepts and techniques of project management from inception through to commissioning of these facilities. Further, insights, techniques and tools are provided to timely detect and recover project cost and schedule overruns.

A study of traditional project management methods concluded, and, as observed from the popular press, only 44% of projects finish on time and typically run more than triple planned schedule duration and original budget . Whether a pipeline project such as as the Trans Mountain Expansion project (initial budget $7B, currently $21B; schedule, 10+ years) or an oil sands expansion project in Alberta (name any major project) or even limited, small scope, engineering, only, projects of all sizes are susceptible to major cost and schedule overruns.

This course provides a QUICK START for EARLY-CAREER practitioners to implement engineering project & construction management for small and large projects of up to $150M (per author's experience); the course will provide templates and examples for many of the documents supporting these projects. While more in-depth course options are available to the reader such as Project Management Institute offerings (e.g., PMBOK Guide, PMP designation), this course gets to the essence of the needed techniques and tools for immediate implementation and action.


Day 1

Project Management
     - what defines a project
     - phases
     - investiture

Construction Management
     - defining a construction project
     - phases
     - investiture

Project Development
     - PDS, PIM
     - DBM, PES
     - EDS

Day 2    

Project Administration & Controls
     - Elements
     - Estimates & Schedules
     - E & S Techniques

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
     - EPCM
     - E / C Contractors

Estimates Classes
     - Class V to Class 1
     - Details - Class II

     - Gantt, PERT / CPM / CCPM
     - ADM, PDM

Day 3    

Procure & Construct
       · WBS, CWP
       · MRQ, MRP
       · Bid Tabs

     - Why projects de-rail
     - Why overruns are late identified

Lessons Learned & Best Practices
     - Illusions & Theatre

Rescuing the Wayward Project
     - Cost Control & Recovery
     - Recovering Schedule

Day 4 (Optional)

Project Exercises
     - Unit equipment revamp
     - Process plant unit expansion

Case Study, (client supplies)
      to be worked by class

Intro to Software Tools (as time permits)
      - ExcelTM based productivity tools
      - proprietary programs

Organization & Staffing (as time permits)
     - Primer

Project & Construction Quick Calculators
 (as time permits)

Course Information

Course contact and registration information can be obtained from   John Aumuller  P. Eng., Ph. D.,