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Engineering Design & Analysis Ltd. also offers selected training opportunities in response to industry demand. As demand warrants, we will expand course offerings to meet the needs of both today's experienced and newly hired technical practitioners and professionals. Our courses are provided on both a public basis, see the latest schedule while all are also provided on demand; whether a small or larger group basis. Class delivery is customized by circumstances.

Become a course sponsor and receive the advantages of scheduling to your convenience, at a convenient location, preferred pricing and customized course content . Customizing course content allows the client to emphasize those portions of the course that best suits its practitioners needs and also the opportunity to review plant problems in detail as part of the course.

Case study opportunities have led to a number of substantial savings for clients who have elected to have their attendees bring plant problems & issues for a deep review in class.

These courses may be presented on-site or by remote learning as best suits circumstances.

 Payment options are by company purchase order, corporate or personal cheque.

Our Courses

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