Engineering Design & Analysis, Ltd.

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Engineering Design & Analysis, Ltd.

. . . .  is a specialty engineering consultancy providing analytical, project engineering, project management and heavy lift engineering services to the refining, petrochemical, oil sands, heavy oil, pipeline and power generation industries.

        Our experience and reputation is built on providing timely, cost effective, and reliable solutions to facility Owners, manufacturers & EPC contractors. In addition to providing these services, we continue to provide training in the fields of expertise that we have developed.


Fitness for Service / Asset Performance

Closed form and numerical FEA solution techniques are used to assess the mechanical integrity (MI) of facility assets in a managed framework (AIM, OIM), perform fitness for service (FFS) and service life assessments of deteriorated equipment; contributions in DCU coker drum analysis & SMR heater component reliability have been recently identified.

Operational Integrity Management

In followup to continuing incidents in the HPI / CPI and transportation (pipeline) industries, owners must have an operational integrity management system (OIMS) to continuously demonstrate their ability to operate facilities in a Code compliant, safe and responsible manner.   Yet, many plant problems continue to originate in shortfalls in the implementation of the OIMS program.

Design, Rerates & Evaluation

Design, re-rating and alterations of pressure piping and pressure equipment, storage tanks, thermal & mechanical performance evaluation & rating of fired heaters, once-through-steam generators (OTSG) / heat recovery steam generators (HRSG); 3rd party auditing; consultation on pressure equipment regulatory issues, registration & compliance; cold eyes reviews.

safety, FFS, AIM & OIMS issues


upcoming training

18 - 20 Jul 2018
Delayed Coke Drum Damage & Assessment to ASME FFS - 1 / API 579
Praque, Czech Republic


24 - 26 Jul 2018
ASME Codes & FFS Assessments
Munich, Germany


11 - 13 Sep 2018
Delayed Coke Drum Damage & Assessment to ASME FFS - 1 / API 579
Houston, TX USA


18 - 20 Sep 2018
ASME Codes & FFS Assessments
Edmonton, AB Canada


16 - 18 Oct 2018
ASME Codes & FFS Assessments
Houston, TX USA Canada


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